A divorce decree sits on top of a brown leather portfolio. Two golden wedding bands and a wooden gavel sit on top of the divorce decree.

When Is My Divorce Final?

Divorce tends to be exhausting for all parties involved, particularly if the process has been dragged out with litigation. If you’re in your 5th month or even your 3rd year of divorce, you might wonder when it will all finally end, so you can move on with your life.

In the state of California, it usually takes at least 6 months to complete a divorce. Much of the process involves filing and serving various documents, attending hearings, and conducting necessary discovery. In a friendlier, uncontested divorce, the only discovery that takes place are the mandatory exchange of financial disclosures. In contested divorces, however, the court must allow both parties a reasonable amount of time to conduct detailed discovery. This time could be extended by the reluctance of one party to participate in the divorce or make his or her ex’s life any easier.

When all is said and done, a judgement of divorce becomes effective the day the judge signs the judgment for dissolution of marriage. A clerk then must enter the judgement into the court record. The clerk will enter the judgement and date stamp the documents when the judgment is entered. Each party will receive a copy of the entered order, which will state the termination date of the marriage. When the termination date on the judgement passes, the marriage is officially terminated.

After the termination of the marriage, each party is free to remarry if they so choose. Likewise, the court will not send out any other notices after the termination date passes, so don’t lose your copy of the order.

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