Divorce Survival Tips

A golden fountain pen sits on top of a divorce decree.

There is no doubt that going through a divorce can be an emotional, painful, stressful, and intense time. Sometimes, it’s something that just happens suddenly and catches you off guard. You may not know anything about the divorce process or how to deal with a divorce. This guide will provide you with tips that will help you get through it.

Accept that this is happening

Divorce may come as a shock to some spouses, and although it may be hard, you have to accept the fact that this is happening and start thinking about what you’re going to do next. Sadly, all the time and investment you put into your marriage is a cost you won’t be able to earn back. But know that this decision was probably for the better and will save future time and money from being wasted on something that isn’t working out.

Seek out a lawyer

Finding a good divorce lawyer to help guide you through the process is the first step. With all the emotions going through your head, you’ll need somebody by your side to help with the practical and important issues. Find a lawyer who you can trust and who can help you understand the process and everything you have to do to protect yourself.

Make yourself indispensable

Go through bank accounts, investment accounts, utilities, deeds etc. to make sure your name is on all of them and that join signatures are needed. This way, your spouse won’t be able to raid your accounts.

Gather documents

Make copies of all of your important documents such as tax returns, credit card bills, loans, bank statements, mortgage statements etc. Also, track your assets, including bank accounts, bonds, stocks, jewelry etc. Make sure you know where every penny is.

Prepare for your future

Start planning out what’s going to happen after the divorce is settled. You may need to find a new home or look for a job. Prepare yourself by looking at real estate and working on your resume so when the divorce is over, you’ll have a brand new life to begin.

Make it easy for the kids

Even though you’re experiencing many negative emotions, when around your child, make the situation positive. Don’t bad mouth the other parent or try to turn your kid against them. It’s important that they maintain a healthy relationship with both parents.

Join a support group

Divorce can be a battle full of pain and loss. But know that you aren’t alone. Seek out a support group or friends to talk to. Let out your emotions in a healthy manner and accept help.

Work on yourself

After the divorce, spend time working on yourself. Dive into old or new hobbies. Surround yourself with friends and family. Take on new challenges and adventures. This is an opportunity to redefine who you are and what you want out of life.

No matter how challenging a divorce may seem you’ll get through it. The more you can do to help prepare yourself for the process and build realistic expectations, the more able you will be able to cope with any issues that arise during the divorce.

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