Midlife Divorce Is on the Rise

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It comes as no surprise that a significantly higher number of people are getting divorced than those who used to in the past. Even though the divorce numbers are stabilizing and going back down again, the numbers aren't equal for all ages. Recent statistics from the U.S. Census American Community Survey show the divorce rates are growing for people older than 50. In fact, they have doubled since 1990. This new trend can have many factors behind it, but it also reveals different lessons.

Wanting more out of life

These growing divorce numbers show that people are trying to strive for happiness since they are healthier than generations were in the past. Life expectancy is much higher than it used to be, so people have more time to plan a future and think about what they want. Parents have more time with their children out of the house and no longer need to stay together for the family. With more years to live and more time to spend with one another, relationships can go stale quicker.

Economic independence

The financial equality between two partners has changed substantially. Women no longer have the choice of either facing financial hardship or a bad marriage. They have gained economic independence and have more power in deciding whether or not they want to stay in an unhappy marriage.

Divorce effect

Just as people experience downfall when their spouse passes away, the same happens when people divorce at an older age. It can be hard on those older than 50 because they are established and comfortable in their lives. Some psychologists believe divorce at an older age can put people at risk for poor emotional and physical health if the divorce leads to financial instability. It can also affect the surrounding families if one spouse needs to be cared for financially, physically or emotionally.

Relationships improve with time

The good news is there are still more married than divorced Americans who are older than 50. Just because someone may be 50 years old, it doesn't mean they are at risk for divorce. People are more likely to have a stronger relationship the longer they are together and have opportunities to work through problems that ultimately make them stronger.

Divorce isn't equal

Everyone cannot be seen as a statistic when it comes to divorce rates. There are some common factors that are seen in divorced couples, such as low education, marrying young, poor health and financial instability. Although these aspects are often apparent, it doesn't mean it relates to everyone.

The best option is to identify any problems in your marriage if you are feeling as though divorce is near. Every problem is unique to each couple and once they are evaluated and discussed, it can be determined whether or not they are truly detrimental to your marriage.

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