AV Rating: Why It Matters When You Select A Divorce Attorney

Two people shake hands over a desk covered with divorce paperwork.

Searching through the net to find a divorce attorney can be overwhelming. How do you tell if one attorney is more qualified or respected than another? The social media rating sites tend to have ratings for individual attorneys that span the extremes from best to the worst and provide no set standard for determining what makes a good attorney.

Peer Review Ratings by LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® provide an objective way to evaluate and select an attorney based on their ethical standards and professional ability. Their rating system is one of the most respected in the industry since it began more than 130 years ago. It is an objective indicator that relies on surveys of attorneys in multiple jurisdictions and geographical areas in two countries.

What is an AV rating?

An AV rating means a lawyer has received the highest level of positive feedback from his or her colleagues. This is the most honorable ranking possible and is determined through five different categories.

1. Legal knowledge

The lawyer's knowledge of the legal system and the laws surrounding his or her specific area of practice.

2. Analytical Capabilities

How well the lawyer can analyze legal issues through technical knowledge and creativity.

3. Judgment

How well the lawyer demonstrates dominate factors that are behind the results of a case or issue.

4. Communication ability

How well the lawyer can communicate credibly and persuasive.

5. Legal experience

The lawyer's experience in his or her specific area of practice.

Receiving an AV Preeminent rating is a prominent accomplishment for a lawyer because it means his or her peers have rated him or her as simply one of the greatest in the profession. It takes a lot of years of experience and positive results from cases to receive such a distinguished rating.

Why should people look for a law firm that is AV rated?

Less than 5 percent of attorneys qualify as AV rated, making it a huge accomplishment for those who do. When it comes to legal matters you do not want to settle for low quality representation. No matter the size of your legal issue, having an AV rated lawyer will bring you the best results and you will receive complete dedication.

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