Untying The Knot Without The Courts: Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?

Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is an increasingly popular method of divorce where both sides agree to help each other by using cooperative techniques aimed as resolving conflicts more easily. These types of divorces have a variety of advantages and can have some disadvantages. The process is less formal and can often allow the estranged couple to work through their dissolution with full transparency. Each party has their own San Diego family law attorney, a coach to deal with emotional issues, and an appointed financial expert. While collaborative divorces are not for everyone, if you relate to the descriptions below, it's definitely worth considering.

You've accepted the separation

Maybe you grew apart, or just don't have a spark anymore, but regardless of your individual situation, you've accepted that it's time to move on and you want to try to work together.

You are willing to manage your emotions

Collaborative divorces require that each person maintain a level of calmness in order to get the best results possible. Though splitting up with your former partner may cause an influx of emotions, you agree to work with your coach to manage these emotions when you are trying to find a solution to your dissolution.

You care about the well-being of your former partner

If you want to pursue a collaborative divorce, there should be no alternative motives behind your agreements. These agreements are meant to be genuine with both people's best interests in mind.

You feel comfortable having more control in the divorce process

A collaborative divorce can reduce stress and anxiety because you have a more active role in the process. You are able to choose the time and location of your meetings, make fair compromises, and control the outcome more than you would otherwise. But beware; some people may use this process to delay the divorce proceedings or to keep the other side from obtaining orders in court.

You are committed to the process of a collaborative divorce

There is no guarantee that a collaborative divorce will be successful and if you fall out of the collaborative process both attorneys must withdraw from the case and cannot represent you any further adding time and expenses to the process. Explore the collaborative process and see if it is right for you.

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