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Why You Need a Postnuptial Agreement & What You Should Consider

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more common and more widely accepted, but what about postnuptial agreements? It is the same idea involving marriage expectations and obligations but is written up after you get married instead of before. Rather than associating a postnuptial agreement with an inevitable breakup, learn how it can actually improve your existing marriage.

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It is obvious that putting together a postnuptial agreement is a good time to deal with finances, but it can be more rewarding than you may think. Sometimes a spouse in a marriage feels as though the other is hiding assets or is not contributing enough. There are also situations where a spouse feels he or she should be named on the property individually or wants both names on it. The issue of who takes responsibility for paying off debt is also a necessity to discuss.

Money can be an awkward topic to bring up, especially when your intentions can be misconstrued. However, a marriage should also be looked at as an economic partnership and the finances need to be sorted out. Putting together a postnuptial agreement provides the option to express any financial concerns and settle any issues.


In order to discuss finances, you are going to need to gather a lot of paperwork. A postnuptial agreement is the perfect opportunity to get a hold of all financial documents and be aware of what you and your spouse's financial state is. It is a time where your assets, debts and spending habits will be unveiled and can be made sense of. Once you have all your finances out in the open, you can organize your financial life better while simultaneously organizing the documents. Different ideas, such as children' allowances and shopping money, can be discussed during this organization.


It is an ideal time to spruce up your communication when everything is on the table. A postnuptial agreement is a safe time to talk about where you see problems in your marriage and how you could come up with a solution to resolve these problems. You can also talk about what you expect out of the marriage and what circumstances would alter those expectations. Many marriages fail due to poor communication, so this is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship and set standards.

The Future

We cannot know what the future has in store for us, but we can prepare for different scenarios. Yes, the event of a divorce should be discussed, but also the event of tragedy.

It is a good time to explore the idea of getting different types of health insurance or choosing a power of attorney.


It is very helpful to have a clear idea of what your marriage's priorities are and how you are going to achieve them. Priorities can be broken down into retirement, vacations, children's college, luxury vehicles, boats, etc. Once you get an idea of what is most important for your marriage to achieve financially, you will find more success in working towards it.

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